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This was the first annual event that takes a pressing, current community issue and challenges youth teams to work together to come up with creative, viable solutions.  The purpose of this event is to engage youth in community service, tap into their energy and creativity, teach them teamwork and presentation skills, and acknowledge them for their efforts.  This year's Challenge focused on Homeless Youth in Denver.  One of Denver Mayor Hancock’s key focus issues is to  improve the homeless situation. 


Saturday August 1, 2015

The 1st Annual Think Like a Genius Foundation Challenge Kick Off Event was held in Denver, Colorado at the Girls Inc facilities. Five teams entered and started their modeling and planning process.


Saturday September 12, 2015

At the Judging Event and Finale teams presented their final project reports and short videos. Their results were judged and winners declared - see below.


Think Like a Genius® Foundation Challenge:

This year's Challenge focus - Homeless Youth in Denver.  One of Denver Mayor Hancock’s key focus issues is to dramatically improve the homeless situation. 


Date of Event:

Saturday, August 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  On this day the teams gathered to begin the creative, problem-solving activity and develop their project action plans.  They used Think Like a Genius® modeling and Roadmap to Success to develop their solutions and plans.


The Teams: 

TLGF interviewed organizations interested in assembling a team or two (4 youth per team) to represent their organization in the TLGFC. Each youth organization was also required to designate one youth facilitator/leader representative per team, for each team they entered.


Corporate and Personal Sponsor Participation: 

TLGF welcomed corporate involvement and matches corporate sponsors or personal donors with each team. Each sponsor or donor selected a representative to be part of each team they sponsor to serve as a mentor.


Challenge Time Period:

After the event on August 22nd teams and their participants were given 6-8 weeks to complete their innovations before being required to present them. Each project needed to be implementable, sustainable, and scalable.


Final Presentations:

Each team was required to create a 2 min. video of their project to present their results.  These videos were shown and judged on September 12, 2015.



A panel of judges evaluated the team results and determined the winners.



Each team was acknowledged for their efforts.  Cash awards, hats, t-shirts, and certificates were presented to the participants.



Background Info:

The Think Like a Genius Annual Challenge was introduced 5 years ago to youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.  This highly innovative program was developed by Dr. Todd Siler while completing his doctoral work at M.I.T. Dr. Siler used the program with Think Like a Genius, LLC, a company he helped co-found in 1993. TLG, LLC used this Program with such organizations as IBM, Procter and Gamble, Chevron and the World Economic Forum, just to mention a few.  The Program was originally designed to help organizations spark corporate-wide innovation to come up with solutions to some of their most pressing issues. In 2010, Think Like a Genius Foundation (TLGF) adapted the Program for youth ages 10-18.  These youth were organized in small teams of 4 and challenged to come up with actionable, sustainable solutions to pressing community issues. In July 2015 TLGF enrolled 5 teams for their 1st Think Like a Genius Challenge.  The teams came from the following organizations: Cope Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, Young Americans Bank, Mayor's Youth Commission and Think Like a Genius Foundation. 


Here are the teams and their results: 



2015 Challenge Teams

Red Alert - 1st Place

(Denver Mayor’s Youth Commission)

Adult Mentor: Jessica Allen

Team Members:

     Estee Dechtman

     Kimmia Franklin

     Selma Mohamed

     Lupe Urbina


     Created a period pack, which provided

     menstrual supplies and hygiene products,

     as well as critical resources to homeless 



Wallflowers - 2nd Place

(Girls Inc. of Metro Denver)

Adult Mentor: Star Lucero

Team Members:

     Salma Arango

     Diana Garcia

     M.J. Pereya

     Aide Perez

     Alejandra Perez


     Our team goal was to empower homeless 

     LGBTIQA youth in Denver by providing

     safety resources such as Self-Defense 

     lessons in the parks and community of

     Denver as well as provide water and

     snacks and resources through street



Name: Not me - 3rd Place

(Young Americans Center for Financial Education)

Adult Mentor: Maura McInerney

Team Members:

     Bryan Aguilar

     Jose Catarino

     José M. Rosales Yañez


     Developed technology applications that

     provide resources to homeless youth.


Golden Ticket - Runner Up

(Cope Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver)

Adult Mentors: Samantha Raso, Tristen Smith (Morgan Stanley)

Team Members:

     Isaiah Barnes

     Anastasia Pierre

     Mikaela Recendez


     Helping homeless youth through programs

     at the Cope Boys & Girls Club as well as

     donate clothes and other valuable

     materials to Urban Peak and other

     homeless youth facilities in Denver.


Little Einsteins - Runner Up

(Think Like A Genius Foundation)

Adult Mentor: Eric Siler

     Moises Banuelos

     Amber Corbett

     Amado Delgado

     Gabriela Molinar-Castillo


     Provide social media messaging to show

     that homeless youth are not hopeless, as

     well as provide 3 homeless youth with

     sleeping bags and back packs, along with

     other important resources for them to






Video of 1st Place Winner Red Alert's Presentation