​Think Like a Genius® Roadmap to Success
engages young people to envision and create
a world of possibilities and opportunities for themselves.

Through this program, they move from being unclear about what’s important to them, what they want out of life, and what they care about the most, to gaining real insights into their own interests, passions, priorities and goals. They learn that there are resources available to help them and that it’s okay to ask for help.


They become more aware of their abilities, and more confident in them. They become excited about working toward their goals.


The Roadmap To Success enables youth to build two essential, interrelated skills for life-long personal success:

     (1) understanding themselves, and

     (2) setting and achieving goals


They learn to develop these thinking skills, which helps build their confidence by fostering enthusiasm, and self-esteem. The key to gaining this personal growth is in our Program's use of a unique process of building three-dimensional symbolic models that show and describe their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  The youth eagerly engage in this creative, fun, and energizing process. 


The modeling opens up their thinking and the roadmap focuses and organizes their thinking into an actionable plan.


Certified Facilitators monitor each participant's progress while providing support.


Throughout this program, participants are encouraged to share their work with others. Sometimes they’re asked to show and describe their models. At all times, they’re encouraged to look at each other’s work, to talk to each other, ask questions, and offer feedback.


The Think Like a Genius® process is very adaptable and can be used in several modes providing multiple solution options.

Youth going through this process come away with

something of value that's personally meaningful and useful.

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