"To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to show my support for the Think Like a Genius Foundation (TLGF) Challenge.  As an advocate for youth voice and leadership in Denver, I have found the TLGF program to be a great resource for allowing youth to develop their own form of leadership through goal setting.  The program is engaging and pushes youth to think critically.  I think so highly of the TLGF program, that I asked Eric Siler to come in and do a TLGF session with the Mayor’s Youth Commission, and it was very well accepted. This event will allow youth from across Denver to experience the benefits of TLGF, while at the same time addressing important issues in our community.  As an advocate for youth I feel this will be a great opportunity for the youth of Denver.


-Joey Pace, Youth Success Director, Mayor's Office of Children's Affairs                    

What the Youth Organizations are Saying...
"I have come to see firsthand just how universally beneficial Think Like A Genius truly is. Not only does it help with self-discovery and expression, it also provides useful visual tools for setting and achieving goals unparalleled by other programs.”
--Tina J. Martinez, Former Vice President of Program Services, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver


“We are excited to partner with Think Like a Genius. We believe that is a great fit with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver programming, specifically in the area of character and leadership development.”
--Shay Cardenas, Former Education Director, Shopneck Boys & Girls Club


“It was enjoyable to watch the kids grow from week to week and talk about how they were going to reach their goals and why they are important to them. Without this program I don’t think these members would have really understood how achievable their goals are and what it takes to accomplish them. I think that the Think Like a Genius Model is a great motivational goal setting program that will allow youth to be creative and display themselves in a way they never had the opportunity to do before.”
--Sabrina Nielsen, Former Teen Coordinator, Cope Branch Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver


“I am a huge believer in Think Like a Genius... our members loved the program... The roadmap is there for them, so when they get off course, they can take a look at their roadmap model and get back on track.  This program will always be used by me here at the Cope club and at home. Thank you for giving our kids a chance, and for helping improve their futures.”  

-Julius Flores, Cope Branch Director, Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver

It is amazing to see the way youth respond to the innovative programs developed by the Think Like a Genius Foundation. Through creativity and imagination, youth are able to break through boundaries, identify solutions to problems or challenges, and carve a path toward their future goals.  The Think Like a Genius Me Model Roadmap To Success provides a forum to highlight individual strengths, while also developing a deep connection to one another.”

-Sonya Ulibarri, CEO, Girls Inc. Denver

“I am thrilled to have Think Like a Genius Foundation (TLGF) as a core content partner for YouthBiz programming. We work incredibly hard to align ourselves with the best of the best in all we do and TLGF is the thought and practice leader in creative, multi-dimensional brainstorming. We use TLGF’s symbolic modeling process in every level of our programming to help our young entrepreneurs to think about themselves, their teams, and their businesses more strategically.” -Brandy Bertram, former CEO, YouthBiz Inc.


"The Think Like a Genius Me Model and Roadmap To Success Program offers youth a unique opportunity to be guided through a journey of self-discovery. In this journey, youth are guided to create a 3D symbolic model that represents the things they are most interested in, things that represent how they see themselves. This practical program offers youth the opportunity to engage in self-discovery and goal-setting in a very creative and imaginative way, that sticks with them." 

-Melina Bixler-Fraga, Former Dir. of After School Programming, YouthBiz Inc.



What Schools are Saying...

“I’ve been excited about this program because I think it really does not just give students thinking tools, but it taps into all of the great (research) about how we make the best of ourselves.”   --Monte C. Moses, former Superintendent Cherry Creek Schools, Englewood, Colorado


“I have had the great pleasure of working with the Think Like A Genius Foundation for several years. With the help of Eric Siler and the ME Model and Roadmap To Success Program, my college students have found themselves both for the class and for the longer terms. In the short term, the Me Model helped the students focus on their passions, for the longer term, they used the ME Models to create roadmaps for the future.  Student after student have told me that the ME Model and Roadmap To Success Process was transformational and helped them focus on what is most important to them.”
-- Beth Ann Parish Ph.D., Online Core Faculty,

                                                School of Organizational Leadership, University of the Rockies




What Organizations are Saying...
“The Think Like a Genius Foundation helped my organization build the framework for our strategic plan – the experience truly broke down the barriers of communication we typically encounter when multiple and divergent points of view are present.  The modeling session was a very engaging and valuable process for everyone involved and one that allowed people an opportunity to bring their voice to the table and feel like they have had a say and influence in the final product.  We still talk about the models today as we work through opportunities and challenges presented to the organization.” 
– Rob Smith, CEO, Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute
"It is really simple.  We want to intrinsically motivate employees, but many of them are not in touch with their personal goals.  In addition, it is paralyzing to many people if you simply ask them what they want or what their goals are.  In sharp contrast, the Think Like a Genius process creates a context of creative exploration that allows everyone to express themselves in a way that can lead to real insights and communication.   That is why I am working hard to fold the Think Like A Genius process in our personal visioning, and goal setting approach at Rally Software." 
-- Ryan Martens, Former CTO and Founder


"This session really helped me to think deeply about my goals in life - both professionally and personally.  Going into the class, I wasn't quite sure what to expect and all the craft materials on the tables were a bit intimidating!  However, half way through, I had no doubt as to the value of the experience.  The crafting brought me back to my childhood and was an excellent break from the normal day to day.  I'd highly recommend this class to anyone that's looking for a out-of-the-ordinary way to set goals and get to know themselves better!"
-Allison Bowen, Renewals Representative, Rally Software



What the Youth are Saying...
"I thought this program was very productive. I learned a lot about myself. This program helped me show my creativity. It allowed me to express myself in the things I like. It also helped me set a goal that I wanted to accomplish. This program also showed me how to retrieve my goal and allowed me to overcome obstacles that got in my way. Thank you for introducing us to this. Please come back again and do this with us. Again, thank you."    

-Xavier, Participant, Commerce City Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver


"This program was very EXHILARATING! I loved that we got to be creative with art and such."

-Jay, Participant, Commerce City Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver

"When many students enter college, they are either on the path that was set out by their parents and their upbringing or attempting to discover who they really are when forced away from the comforts of their home. This is a challenge faced but rarely unraveled. Personally, I felt that I knew everything there was to know about myself when I entered college at Regis University. I was convinced otherwise, however, when I stepped into the Sustainable Enterprise for a Just World course this semester. The presentation we received as a class was phenomenal. The impossible became possible, dreams were realized, roadblocks were torn down, and we discovered aspects about ourselves that were hidden under impressions of reality we carried. In only two classes, you were able to show me more about myself than two years of attending classes at Regis University. I would like to sincerely thank you for opening my eyes to who I am, showing me that my dream is not out of reach, and encouraging me to never stop exploring who I am.

Although I cannot speak for all of my classmates, I know that for me, your presentation was life changing and eye opening. I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come to our class and instill within us the wisdom of your experiences and your program. We are truly blessed to be able to say that we have witnessed and modeled the Think Like a Genius program."
--Lauren Baldauf, Junior, Regis University

What the Daniels Scholarship Recipients are saying...

What did you think about the content and subject matter of the workshop?

  • “I was so excited to participate in a very creative goal setting workshop!

  • "Very effective & interesting, it was a new approach compared to my other experience with goal setting”

  • “It was a fun and interactive way to help you see your goals”

  • “It was very good and got to organize my goals more”

  • “Awesome and new presentation, fun and interactive”

  • “I loved making visual models of my goals and priorities. I feel like this will be a valuable tool for my future and keeping on track”

  • “The content was excellent and really helped putting the thoughts in my head into goals I can achieve”

  • “Overall the content of this workshop is very applicable to the average college students”

  • “I think it was great because they really made us think about ourselves and reflect on what is important”

  • “It is great. I personally was not good at setting goals so it helped me”

  • “I enjoyed that it was a hands on activity and not just a lecture”

  • “It was very useful and fun to participate in”

  • “I thought it was fun and helpful. I liked making the models”

  • “I thought it was very helpful in seeing where I stand now in life and where I am headed”

  • “Great content and a perfect subject for struggling college students”

  • “It is very interesting, however I feel that it was way too early on a Saturday”

  • “It was great to have a set time to think about myself without anything else on my plate”

  • “It was helpful and appropriate”

  • “Very helpful especially for freshman to fain insight and incentive of what they are doing right or wrong and how to be successful”

  • “I thought the content was helpful, especially since college students can benefit from things such as the roadmaps”

  • “I’m big on setting goals and working to get what you want. I loved it”

  • “I really enjoyed how interactive it was, I do feel though that if we were given “tips/tricks” or how to set a good goal or develop an efficient roadmap, it would have helped more”

  • “I enjoyed learning things about myself, and doing something I wouldn’t normally do and wouldn’t have done otherwise”

  • “I enjoyed the originality of it, it was not just another lecture and we actually have a physical take-away from the seminar to help remind us of what we leaned rather than just notes”.


Please provide any other comments or suggestions you have about the workshop:

  • “This workshop was well worth my time”

  • “I think it is fine in its current format”

  • “I wish we had more time to work on our models”

  • “If you came into the workshop like I did with the intension of staying and doing whatever it took, it was very enlightening”

  • “Some coffee and other refreshments would be nice”

  • “Great environment I had a lot of fun, great visuals on showing us what we were doing, great explanation”

  • “I liked being able to socialize and meet with other Daniel’s scholars”

  • “I enjoyed working and spending time with my fellow Daniel Scholar’s”

  • “It was very interesting”

  • “I thought it was creative and I don’t really have any other suggestions. It was great!”

  • “It was very fun”

  • “Time flew by, and it was a great bonding experience to know other scholars”

  • “We should do more hands on things”

  • “I enjoyed both projects and thought they did a great job making it interactive and engaging”