Many youth want to head in a safer, better direction
but they don't know where or how to start
and they have little or no support.


Many youth are growing up feeling alone and pressured much of the time.  They struggle to deal with the impact of broken families, peer-pressure, drugs all around them, gangs, violence...the list goes on.


In all this chaos it is almost impossible for them:

  • To see a positive future  

  • To stop, reflect, and map things out

  • To figure out who they are

  • To identify and understand what's important to them

  • To discover what their passions and talents are

  • To decide what they want out of life

  • To put a plan together that will get them these things


In fact, these youth are bright, very capable, and talented. They lack the supportive environment and knowledge that many other young people have who aren't under these pressures.  They just don't realize their potential and don't know how to channel it.


By using Think Like a Genius® Roadmap to Success  

we help them develop a clear path