We are delighted to honor the following youth who have exhibited exemplary creativity, planning, and implementation of projects that solve community issues affecting children and youth in the Denver area.

They are a shining example of what youth are capable of accomplishing.  In their hands our future is bright.


4th Annual Challenge 2018 

Focal Question: How can we protect and nurture positive mental health in youth in our communities?

3rd Annual Challenge 2017 

Focal Question: How can you prevent bullying in your community - (school, social media, etc)?

To see the list of winners for 2017, please click here.
To see the list of winners for 2018, please click here.

2nd Annual Challenge 2016 

Focal Question: How can we increase food security for youth in Denver Public Schools?

To see the list of winners for 2016, please click here.

1st Annual Challenge 2015 

Focal Question: How can we find ways to help homeless children and youth in Denver?

To see the list of winners for 2015, please click here.
To see view a video of the 2018 Challenge, please click here.